Monday, April 9, 2012

Double dereference for Ant Property

Just random note on solving the double dereference that ANT property will not allow.

       myApp     : ${org.cnci.firstapp}
       myCompany : ${firstCompany}
       myPackage : ${firstPackage}
       myClass   : ${firstClass}
       myApp     : ${org.cnci.secondapp}
       myCompany : ${secondCompany}
       myPackage : ${secondPackage}
       myClass   : ${secondClass}

And the output looks like this:
     [echo]         myApp     : SimpleIRC
     [echo]         myCompany : cnci
     [echo]         myPackage : org.cnci.firstapp
     [echo]         myClass   : ${org.${firstCompany}.firstapp}
     [echo]         myApp     : AdvanceIRC
     [echo]         myCompany : cnci
     [echo]         myPackage : org.cnci.secondapp
     [echo]         myClass   : AdvanceIRC

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