Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tiffany Kieu Nhi Nguyen

Tiffany Kieu Nhi Nguyen
For my daughter with love! 

The good Lord blessed us with a baby girl
Inspired by your beauty and smiles
Father, I shall forever be
From the moment I see your face
And day by day, you bring us joy and grace
You are the angel sent to our live

Kieu Nhi is your Vietnamese name
Imprinted in your feature, a proud race
Enriched us with your love and smiley face
Unique, yes, you are one in a million
Nothing can stop or changing your dream
Happiness you should seek and you shall get
I am here right beside you every step of the way

Now that you are turning eleven
Growing up in the technology age
Unravel the myth of yesterday
Your inquiring mind will lead the way
Embrace and learn from our path, your parents
Now and forever, I pray the Lord for thee.

T.A. Nguyen
April 2009

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